Tio2 Life Products

Tio2 life is based on a well-structured range of protective systems and a functionalization nano-material based surfaces.

Nano Glass Active

Activator for glass surfaces


NANO GLASS ACTIVE is a sol-gel solution containing nanometric titanium dioxide and new generation nano-silica, capable of activating a glass surface and making it a “smart surface” …

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Nano Glass Cleaner

Micronised detergent for glasses


NANO GLASS CLEANER is a revolutionary deep cleaning product for glass surfaces. Thanks to its micronised components, NANO GLASS CLEANER cleans surfaces deep down where conventional …

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Nano Ceramic Active

Activator for ceramic surfaces


NANO CERAMIC ACTIVE is an aqueous suspension of TiO2 nanoparticles with nano-silica particles. Ceramic materials coated and activated with this product become self-cleaning once exposed to light …

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Nano Stone Active

Activator for stone surfaces


NANO STONE ACTIVE is a dual action protective product for building materials such as marble, stone, granite and concrete aggregates, based on photocatalysis and nanotechnology. The product gives the …

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