Federchemicals presents the right equipment for the nanometric product’s application: turbines, airbrushes, power tools, specifically projected and realized for the preparation of the surfaces and the application of Nano technological products.

HVLP Systems


The combination of turbines and airbrushes constitutes the best technological solution for the spray application with titanium based HVLP systems. Every product has been projected and built with high quality materials in order to guarantee an homogeneous yield and a constant efficiency during the time. FMR turbines are thin appliances that are studied in order to apply different kind of water based Nano technological products. They distinguish themselves in 2 models , different in power and performance.


Radio-control-for turbines

Different accessories are available in order to make the use of the device more flexible and functional.

It is the most important part of the equipment; it allows a precise and uniform pulverization of the product.

Power tools


It is a line of very thin, ergonomics, compact, reliable and extremely quiet power tools that, synergistically with the electronical stabilizer ballasts, allow to eliminate eventual surges of 110 240 volt input voltage, always guaranteeing in any kind of condition an adequate and constant couple of rotation, even with an high friction between the polishing pad and the surface. Complete line of equipment for the surfaces’ preparation.